Leverage Traffic Presets by RollerAds to Make Your Campaigns Simple and Profitable

So… you feel like starting a campaign but don’t want to tinker with all the settings? Is there a hassle-free way to launch a profitable campaign?

We have several features and tools aimed at simplifying work with different parts of the campaign. Traffic Presets save time collecting whitelists. This article will discuss this feature and its benefits in more detail.

Definition of Traffic Preset

Presets serve as a ready-to-set whitelist for a specific vertical and GEO. With presets, you don’t need to manually sort dozens of different feeds/zones as it’s already collected for you by our specialists. They boast a few advantages:

  • Contain readily available lists of traffic sources, which work like clockwork
  • Are trustworthy, as our expertise is packed into these sets of sources
  • Provide only the most relevant sources, if you’ve decided on your GEO/vertical of choice
  • Simplify the work, as you don’t have to run traffic tests (though it’s still desirable)
  • Are robust, as we run all the necessary tests ourselves before rolling them out

Presets contain the sources, which show the best performance for a specific GEO and vertical. But user preferences shift; plus, even the best sources have leaders and outsiders, which will differ, depending on your niche. So keep in mind, that when it comes to optimization and maximizing returns, you’ll still have to run your own tests.

Right now, we have 100+ presets available from the start, but did you know we can create a custom one for your needs? Just contact your account manager so we can figure something out jointly.

How to Access Presets

After signing into your account, click on “New Campaign” in the upper left corner. Then, decide on your ad format and bid model. Push notifications and pop ads use cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-mille (CPM) bidding models by default. However, you can also switch to their smart alternatives, which enable you to bid dynamically. This is handy for cutting costs on what you can afford while accessing some high-end zones.

The choice of ad format will affect the preset volume available to you. We’ve got presets for almost any vertical we work with. 

Picking the right preset starts with the registration. Sign up to RollerAds as an advertiser to access presets, premium traffic, auto-generated creatives, and tons of other features.

Presets Put to Practice

In one of our case studies, we showcased the power of Traffic Presets in achieving a 57% ROI. 

Campaign Setup:

  1. Offer: TotalAV from CpaRoll
  2. Daily Budget: $200
  3. Bid: $1
  4. Preset: “US | Mobile | Utilities | Policy”

The goal was to achieve high ROI with minimal optimization. By focusing on relevant zones and feeds, the campaign quickly demonstrated its effectiveness.


  • ROI: 57%
  • Optimization: Minimal
  • Key Insight: Presets significantly reduce setup time and enhance profitability by leveraging expert-curated sources.

This case study exemplifies how Traffic Presets can simplify the campaign setup process and maximize returns by ensuring that the most conversion-friendly zones and feeds are utilized.

Campaign Kits

Start with our Campaign Setup Kits to evaluate presets’ effectiveness with minimal effort. This is our regular rubric, where our experts provide recommendations for profitable campaign settings. These kits include specially made traffic presets and sometimes specific offers, ensuring your campaigns target the most conversion-friendly zones and feeds. 

How to use it:

  1. Choose your offer: Find your gem in any trusted CPA network.
  2. Set up your campaign: Pick a traffic preset, tweak the settings we’ve recommended, and you’re all set.
  3. Launch and celebrate: Hit the launch button and watch your campaign take off almost effortlessly.

You can find them regularly published on our social media, e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Telegram. All the required settings are already laid out before you; just copy-paste them to your dashboard and you’re all set. Here is an example of one of our campaign kits:

  • Ad format: Push notifications
  • GEO: France 🇫🇷
  • Device type: Mobile and desktop
  • Traffic preset: 🔥FR | Software and Utilities🔥
  • SmartCPC: Just $0.1
  • Estimated daily volume: >50k clicks
  • ROI: 20–30 % on average


RollerAds simplifies the process of launching profitable affiliate marketing campaigns with its innovative traffic presets and campaign kits. These tools provide pre-made zone sets and predefined settings, allowing advertisers to quickly set up and optimize their campaigns without extensive tinkering.

Register today and tap into RollerAds’ expertise to elevate your affiliate marketing efforts with ease and efficiency.

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