New Promo: Summer Boost by RollerAds!


The May promo for finances has just finished, so we want to go a step further and make a promo for all the advertisers, partnering with RollerAds!

How about complementing your deposits with free funds?


Increase your campaign spending in July relatively to May, and we will add a 10% cashback bonus to the difference between the months.

We will measure the difference between total campaign spending for two periods:

  • From 00:00, May 1st to 23:59, May 31st (UTC+0)
  • From 00:00, July 1st to 23:59, July 31st (UTC+0)

For example:

Assume you spent $1,000 in May and have grown your campaign spending up to $2,000 in July. Your increase would be $1,000, so we are topping it with $100, as an added 10% bonus. Sweet, right?

To take part in action, all you have to do is to contact your dedicated manager until the 31st of July and express your desire to participate. The chance to get free funds won’t last long, so make sure not to waste it!

Important! Only the registered partners working with us for over 2 months are eligible for promo.

This is a perfect opportunity to scale up your ad campaigns and get rewarded for being persistent. We appreciate you as our partners and want to support your growth and success!

Get more for doing less and let your advertising flourish with RollerAds!


  1. How my growth and corresponding bonus are calculated?

    When the promo is over, we will subtract your spending level for July from May, and if it is positive, we will add 10% of that difference to your account. Assume you spent $1,000 in May and have grown your spending in July up to $2,000. Your growth in spending for these two months equals $1,000, so we are adding 10% to that difference, which is free $100 for your account.
  1. Are there any vertical or ad format restrictions?

    The promo is open for all the verticals, GEOs, and ad formats, so feel free to get aboard the hype train.
  1. When the bonus is due?

    The bonus will be applied in August, when we finish measuring your campaign spendings. Contact your manager before July 31st to take part in the promo, or your participation will not count.
  1. Any limitations on how I can use the obtained bonus?

    The bonus is yours for taking, so do what you will after the promo is over, and the funds are added to your account.
  1. Am I limited to a single ad campaign?

    Launch as many campaigns as you like, we will be calculating overall account spending.
  1. Am I eligible if I began to work with RollerAds in June?

    Unfortunately, the promo is aimed at those working with us since May or earlier. But let that not discourage you, for we will have more big promos, where you can take part.

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