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Picking the right creative for your campaigns is 50% of success. Whether it’s Sweepstakes, Utilities, or classic eCommerce, your creatives are at the forefront (most of the time) of your campaigning, leading you straight to profit. But where should a fellow affiliate look for the matching creatives? The answer is simple — Creatives Library from RollerAds.

With the help of our tool, you can browse quickly gigabytes of unique content and find an item to your liking. And in this article, we are going to tell you everything about Creatives Library, pinpoint the benefits of using it, elaborate on the targeting options, and explain how to establish a campaign of your dream with the help of our tool. Let’s roll!

What Is Creatives Library

Creatives Library is our inhouse solution on how to get more creatives for your campaigns. Basically, it’s a database with tons of creatives, but the devil is in details. Here are a couple of reasons why Creatives Library is more than just a storage for pictures, animations, videos, etc.

First, the database is just huge, but worry not — for you can filter all the content to get the creatives you want. Currently, the creatives for the following verticals are available:

  • eCommerce
  • Sweepstakes
  • Antivirus software
  • Utilities
  • Nutra
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Finances

Contact your personal manager if you need even more specific vertical. Remember, you can filter the content by country, device, language. You can add up to 10 creatives for a campaign, even if it has been created already.

Second, we refrain from adding the creatives of our advertisers into the library. Which is why you may rest assured, your precious creatives are to stay with you.

Third, Creatives Library collects only the most converting and clickable creatives. As a cherry on top of the cake, our tool is completely free for all the advertisers registered on RollerAds.

A Word on Spy Tools

To some degree, our Creatives Library can be compared to Spy Tools found online. So why bother with it? — one may ask. And just like all the good things in the world, the answer is simple.

A good spy tool is rarely free. Therefore, if you want to use one without spending a dime, you usually have to settle for a limited functionality. The most hurting ones are inability to download the creatives located and a limited number of requests per user. Creatives Library, on the other hand, requires you only to register on our website to use its full functionality.

Using an external spy tool renders you unable to launch a campaign right away, based on the creative located. This is not the case for our library. Read how to launch a campaign, based on a creative found online, using our Creative Library, in the next section.

Finally, no spy tool can guarantee you are not using the already fired creatives with no further potential. As for us, we provide only the most converting creatives and remove the underperforming ones. We care for your success, which is why we strive to make all our solutions, platforms, and products better, Creatives Library included.

Establish a Creative Library Based Campaign

Having explained what Creatives Library is, we can move onto its applicability and provide an algorithm on how to use it. Check this out:

  1. Pick the required targeting, which will be used to search for the creatives. In our specific case, those were the VPN mobile creatives for the US. Each creative provides data on approximate Click-Through Rate (CTR), based on the amount of traffic received by the creative earlier. Remember, every CTR is an approximation, because target settings for each campaign can differ a lot. 
  1. Next, select the creatives required and add them to an ad campaign (a new one or an already established one)
  1. Next, setup campaign targets, input a tracking link, and launch an ad campaign!


That about covers it. Besides being a solid alternative to traditional spy tools, Creatives Library is good for seeing what’s trendy and use it for your campaigning. We do not show the creatives already in use to the advertisers, making sure the campaigns maintain their efficiency.

Save your time and efforts and use them elsewhere with our Creatives Library. And contact our team of experts if you need help, have a suggestion, or want to exchange a couple of memes.

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