Feature review: CPA optimization

It’s crucial to us to make your testing and work as easy as possible. That’s why we’re constantly working on features that can help optimize and automate processes. 

CPA Optimization is a feature that allows you to turn off the lowest converting zones automatically. You no longer need to disable outperforming zone manually. Save your time for more exciting tasks. 

In order to make this feature work correctly, you have to set a postback. This is essential for the conversion data to be reported properly. Our detailed guide will help you with the configuration.

How it works

When creating a campaign, you choose a bid size and set a budget. After that, you can use one of the optimization options:

1. Recommended. The program analyzes the conversions itself and removes unclickable zones.

2. Custom. You specify the criteria according to which you want to remove zones. 

Example 1: if during 7 days, the cost of clicks was higher than the set amount and there were no conversions, then the zone will get automatically disabled.

Example 2: If you spent a certain amount of money and the conversion cost was higher than the specified value, then the zone will also be disabled.

After the tests are completed, you can move the remaining zones to the whitelist, adjust the rates to your goals and get high numbers.

Important! The rule only applies if a postback is set and two conversions have been performed. 

Recommendation: To find the most profitable zones, we recommend testing CPA Optimization with the SmartCPC feature that allows you to get sources at the optimal price. 

Contact your manager or email support if you have questions about this feature. Also, we’re always happy to receive feedback, which helps us develop!

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