Best Affiliate Marketing Info Sources

Affiliate marketing requires dedication, devotion, and knowledge. On your own, you will struggle a lot, before figuring out how things work. So why not to find the informational hubs, where all the common mistakes (and their remedies) have already been laid out for you? Fortunately, we’ve done just that and present you with the most common sources of affiliate marketing knowledge. Get ready to go back to school, as they say!

Single Authors

This section of the article contains the websites of some of the most prominent digital marketers out there. Check’em all out if your goal is not only marketing materials but inspirational stories of success too.


If you want to become the best marketer in the industry, you gotta learn from the best. iAmAttila is a perfect example of a man going from zero to hero. Luckily, he is more than willing to share his expertise in his blog, dedicated to pragmatic aspect of affiliate marketing. Affiliate and ad networks reviews, software reviews, platform specific tips & hints, comprehensive guides, and tons of merch — Attile O’dree has got you covered.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a famous digital marketing influencer, who is considered to be top-10 by Forbes. Besides doing consulting and training services, Neil Patel also has a blog of his own. Here, he talks about the most important aspects of digital marketing, including which software to pick, best platforms, SEO-specifics, unique ad formats, AI in marketing, and much more.

And if you feel tired reading, you can consult him afterward for website audit. It should be noted that the range of tools the guy offers is enormous: SEO Analyzer, Ads Grader, Website Traffic Checker, and much more.

Networks & News Portals

In this section, we have collected some of the most interesting sources of general info on affiliate marketing. Some websites are just good at that, others offer more than just a visit to a digital library. Check’em out if you want to have a good time, besides getting educated.

AM Navigator

Specializing in affiliate program audit, AM Navigator has been in the market for 25 years, enjoying 25,000+ affiliates, serving 250+ clients, and generating $550+ million in revenue. Geno Prussakov, the lucky owner of the website, served such clients as Forbes, Nokia, Skype, SemRush, and Shutterstock. And he is willing to share his expertise with all the readers of his blog, found on the same website.


ZorbasMedia — is one of the best informational resources out there, covering international markets, and CIS specifically. Conference interviews, overviews of mainstream traffic sources, case studies, microblogs, reviews of affiliate networks, latest news of affiliate marketing, bonuses, and much more.

If you look for more than just articles, then ZorbasMedia is exactly what you need, because they publish new interviews, streams, and other video content regularly. You can even find a ROI calculator on their website!

Influencer Marketing Hub

A great source of info on social media, influencer, email, AI, and, of course, affiliate marketing. On top of the informative content, you can find there a bunch of tools, ebooks, infographics, courses, and benchmark reports on influence marketing.


The sources of info found here are like a holy grail. Fellow affiliates ask all the practical questions here, get all the support needed and, most importantly, the answers to the questions. If you are a pragmatic type of guy — this is where you should go to.

Stack That Money (STM) Forum

STM is one of the best affiliate marketing forums out there, filled with like-minded individuals, willing to find the answers or to share their expertise. How to enter the affiliate marketing? What are the most trendy verticals? What are the best approaches? What are the most common mistakes? — the answers to all these questions and more can be found here.

Forum membership requires you to pay $99/month, but the reward is worth it: 40k+ threads & 350k+ posts, tips & hings from the veterans, networking with fellow affiliates, affiliate networks, and advertisers, insights from lawyers & tax consultants, step-by-step tutorials, and simply active community.


AffiliateFix is the most active and friendliest affiliate marketing community online — at least this is what their front page claims them to be. Besides the forum itself, the website has an affiliate kit with all the essentials. Moreover, they offer some discounts for some of the most popular affiliate marketing tools as well, e.g., Redtrack, Voluum, AdPlexity. Those are all small bonuses that make AffilaiteFix to stand out from the vast range of informational sources. Regarding the information itself, it is of top quality: affiliate networks feedback, guidelines to become filthy rich, and even Neil Patel’s corner!


Sometimes, you just don’t wanna read. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered for there are a couple of good YouTube channels, dedicated to affiliate marketing.

Freedom Influencer

Freedom Influencer is all about monetization strategies at their best. Nathan Lucas, the author, specializes in finding common and unusual ways of generating passive income. Not only that, the guy provides basic tips on how to establish one’s brand, grow the business, get more views etc. If you happen to know the foundations but lack the motivation — check out the videos like how to develop a proper mindset and give up on poor habits. Top it all with the suggestions of literature to read, and the channel starts to resemble a horn of plenty.

ODi Productions

ODi Productions (YouTube) — an affiliate marketing expert and the host of Affiliate Marketing Millionaire Podcast explores new trends and shares common mistakes, alongside the remedies to them. Literally, the guy explains how to start being an affiliate marketer, shares the best programs, plus provides some passive income ideas. As an added bonus, you can find some cool merch here as well.

Raw Data

Sometimes, you just need data and that’s it. Well, you’re in luck, because we have prepared a couple of sources, dedicated to just that. Specifically, we encourage you to pay a visit to Kepios and Statcounter.


For those of you, willing to get more raw data, preferably in numbers — Kepios is an invaluable tool. Specifically, you can learn almost every digital specifics about a certain country. For example, you can learn about the internet penetration rate, number of social media users, urbanization level, male-female ratio, speed of internet connection, and social media statistics. That’s just a tip of the iceberg, though, as you can get the data for a region, e.g., CIS, Caribbean, Northern Africa. Also, you can find some global reports and platform-specific reports too.

In fact, the repository of Kepios is so vast that they have a whole blog dedicated to various insights. On top of that, they simply have a bunch of presentations to keep things visualized. If you want to learn the info about a new GEO quickly and in-depth — this is the place to go to.


Another insightful source of pure data for a certain GEO or the whole world is Statcounter. Mobiles vs. desktops, most popular browsers, top search engines, most common device vendors, typical screen resolution, and much more — all such info can be found here. It is conveniently depicted with corresponding charts, facilitating overall understanding. On par with Kepios, Statcounter provides you with all the foundational data for entering a new GEO. It is far from being exhaustive, but for starters — this will more than do (coupled with the insights from your dedicated manager).

Compilation of Additional Resources

This article is already huge, but we simply cannot leave yet, for we have a few more resources to share. But since we are limited in terms of space available, you will have to explore them on your own:

  • PerformanceIN — a blog about digital marketing, with affiliate marketing being a subsection
  • AffilaiteTip — an inspiring blog of Shawn Collins, a fellow affiliate, who struggled a lot before finding his way of life
  • Affilorama — a great portal of classic and exotic articles, e.g., top-17 anime affiliate programs; a blog, lessons, and even a forum are included
  • Warrior Forum — this resource is also about digital marketing in general, but framed as a forum instead, quite a good one might we just add
  • Aff Playbook — a forum with membership closed and a separate blog, filled with case-studies
  • Affiliate Summit (YouTube) — a channel, dedicated to one of the largest affiliate marketing events in the world
  • Deadbeat Super Affilaite — a specialist on making passive income out of thin air
  • The Affilaite Guy Podcast — Matt McWilliams about news, strategies, interviews, and much more
  • Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield (podcast) — 56+ million downloads, 6,000+ 5-star ratings, and 606 episodes of expert interviews, mini-execution plans, and behind-the-scenes secrets
  • Affiliate Buzz (podcast) — James Martell’s podcast that has been on air since 2003 — making it one of the longest living podcasts in affiliate marketing out there
  • Affiliate Marketing Ninjas — a blog, case studies library, tools collection, AM kit provider, and group for sharing the experience — all in one place!

In fact, the resources are so many that naming even only the best is a tedious task. It is not how it used to be, when you had to explore everything yourself. Now, all the info is laid out before you, so… just open a resource from above and start getting new insights! And when you’re ready to put to practice this knowledge, you know where to look for us.

Instead of Conclusion

Hopefully, you’ll find these resources useful. Of course, none of them is able to cover the vast field of affiliate marketing in full. But by taking a piece of insight here and there, you can assure you get diverse knowledge, which can result in unique ideas. Keep in mind that you should not limit yourself to just affiliate marketing, when it comes to reading, watching, or listening, especially when it comes to working in a media buying team. Consider this, the notions of drawing can help you out in making creatives. Psychology is useful for better understanding the customer — you get the idea. When every member of the team brings something unique to the table — this is where the things start rolling. And with RollerAds by your side, you can squeeze the most out of the ideas of yours. Speaking of which…

Via: RollerAds

Don’t forget about our own blog! RollerAds is a multi-GEO ad network with a few years of experience in affiliate marketing. In the blog, you can find all sorts of materials, related to affiliate marketing: GEO overviews (LATAM, SEA, Northern America), “Meet the Minds” (Project Manager, Head of Traffic Sales, Head of Traffic Acquisition), educational content, product updates, promo, case studies, and much more.
Couple our blog with the sources we have provided earlier, and you shall become a veritable guru. Any great deed requires the combination of knowledge and resolution. We can’t give you the latter, but we can help you out with the former. And to make sure you get all the relevant knowledge, subscribe to our Instagram, Telegram, and Facebook.

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